You got the floors of your dreams! Yay!! But then the realization hits… life happens, floors like everything else get dirty… How can one possibly keep the floors clean?!

We’ve got you and your floors covered.

Starting with a few simple steps, be sure to place floor mats at all entry doors and sinks. Also, use felt pads on the legs of all chairs and furniture items to prevent scratching. We recommend sweeping or using a dust mop regularly to collect any debris and dirt, which can act like sandpaper when walked on. When vacuuming, be sure to use the bare floor setting on the vacuum to prevent any scratching or other damage to the floors.

For deeper cleaning, the best practice is to use a brand name hardwood cleaner, like our Impressions Floor Cleaning Kit. The Impressions Floor Cleaner dries quickly, doesn’t leave residue behind, and allows the floor’s natural details to shine through. To purchase your kit, contact us today!

We recommend avoiding cleaners that have petroleum-based products as they can be harsh on the hardwood floors and the finish. Also, any steam mops, dust mops, and furniture cleaning oil soap can cause future damage to your floors. Products like oil soap is not recommended because the oil in the product is left on the floor and can penetrate through the floor’s finish and into the wood, which will lead to future issues such as sticky residue, discoloration, and dullness.

Check out our Forest Accents site for more cleaning tips. Still have questions? No problem! Email our professional team at and we’ll be happy to help!



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